About Us

Inspiration for the 8th Avenue Rail

When designing my Pure Pilates studio in 2007, I wanted to create a comfortable, uncluttered space for myself, my instructors and students. To elevate the client experience, even before the workout started, the studio needed to feel special.

A large part of generating this environment came from creating a layout that provided just the right amount of space for each client and organizing for a clean, open feel.

While admiring my beautiful new Pilates equipment, I noticed an abundance of springs hanging from every eyebolt. Although this storage method was a common practice, the cluttered look did not evoke the peaceful, open feeling I was seeking.

Finding a trickling fountain, comfortable chairs and decorative accessories was easy, but finding the right vessels for storage proved impossible.

After a great deal of searching, I realized the storage solution I envisioned did not exist.

So I turned my vision into reality and invented the 8th Avenue Rail. My husband, an architect, brought the idea to life. My father, a talented woodworker, took the design to prototype.

Today, the 8th Avenue Rail is in its third iteration, and my clients and staff enjoy moving and working in a clean, organized space that’s become a sanctuary. Everyone knows where the springs belong, and they take pride in contributing to the culture of Pure Pilates.

It’s handcrafted in the U.S. — in New Jersey, where my studio is located.

- Carol Crincoli, Founder, 8th Avenue Rail


The 8th Avenue Rail is named for the location of Joe Pilates' first studio.